Athlete Era Coaching App  - Pilot Project

The BCPFA recognizes that developing and retaining coaches is a critical to providing athletes with a positive experience in football. We also recognize that coaches often have a limited time to prepare for practices and games. With this in mind, the BCPFA is actively looking at the suitability of a mobile app to help coaches with the practical and technical aspects of coaching football.

The app has been developed by Athlete Era (a Canadian company) and is designed to meet the need of coaches at all levels of football in Canada.

Click here to read what the app provides to a coach or watch the video below to find out what other coaches think about the app.

The BCPFA is currently looking for clubs to pilot the use of the app by coaches in their organization. If the app proves useful and effective, the BCPFA will be looking at ways to provide the app to all our coaches for a minimal cost or free of charge.

Please have you club contact Keith Ryan if you would to be part of the pilot project.

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