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What will be tested/evaluated?

to measure speed and acceleration

To measure lateral speed and agility​

To measure explosive power​

To measure explosive power (ankles, hips)​

To measure endurance strength


Skills and drills

Flied Lines.jpeg

What will the data be used for?

  • Data will be used by provincial coaches when assessing players for Team BC

  • Athletes can ask for their data by emailing BCPFA

  • The data is great for being able to show the progression of an athlete when being recruited by colleges/universities

40-yard dash

  1. Player starts in a 3-point stance.

  2. After player hears, “You can go” from Director, he must hold for a 2-count before running.

  3. No rolling starts. No quick starts.

  4. Timer will start watch when player’s down-hand separates from the surface.

  5. Player will run the 40-yard dash twice

40 Yard Dash

Shuttle test

  1. While facing the Drill Director, player starts in a 3-point stance with legs straddling the line equally.

  2. Player must have hand squarely on the start line and hold the position for 2 seconds.

  3. After player hears, “You can go” from Director he may start drill.

  4. Player will run to the right line 5 yards away and touch the line with right hand. Player will then sprint 10 yards to the left and touch the line with left hand.

  5. After the last line touch, player will sprint through the finish line, which is the starting point of the drill.

  6. All players will complete one run to the right and one run to the left. (2 attempts)

  7. Down hand is same as running direction. Left hand to the Left – Right hand to the Right.

  8. It is the responsibility of the player not to slip and adjust to the surface.

Shuttle Test

Broad jump

  1. Each player receives two attempts at the Standing Broad Jump.

  2. Players must start with both feet/toes totally behind start line for valid jump.

  3. Players may swing arms and bend knees prior to jumping.

  4. Upon landing, player must maintain control, landing balanced with both feet planted.

  5. Upon landing player may also fall forward, but not backwards.

  6. Jumps are measured from heel of the foot nearest to the initial jump line.

  7. Jumps are measured to the nearest whole inch.

  8. Results are recorded in feet and inches jumped.

Broad Jump

Bench press

  • U16 age group will bench press 115lbs​

  • U18 age group will bench press 135lbs

  • Player will do as many reps as possible

Bench Press

Vertical jump

  1. ​VJ Director will measure 18 and/or 24 inches down from the bottom marker on the Vertec and place a piece of tape at each mark.

  2. Player will stand w/ his right side (ankle, hip, shoulder; left side if left handed) against the Vertec and extend his arm upward as far as possible.

  3. Director will extend the Vertec to the top of the players’ extended hand at the top edge of tape and tighten in place. The bottom marker will represent 18 or 24 inches for that player.

  4. Player starts jump with both feet planted on the ground.

  5. Player may swing arms and dip knees.

  6. Players may not shuffle feet before take-off as this will result in a scratch and jump will not count.

  7. Player attempts 2 jumps touching the highest slat-marker on the Vertec from the floor.

  8. That mark represents the players’ vertical jump.

Vertical Jump
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