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Football Canada

Football Canada is the National Governing Body of Canadian Amateur Football, which represents tackle, touch, and flag components including players, coaches, officials, and administrators.

Football Canada’s mission is to initiate, sustain, and encourage programs, services and activities targeted at all levels, from novice to the elite, which foster safe and ethical participation in amateur football.


FOOTBALL CANADA is the National Sport Governing Body whose purpose, through its members, is to initiate, regulate and manage the programs, services and events that promote participation and excellence in Canadian Amateur Football.

SPONSORSHIP: Being a member of a strong National Sport Governing Body that has a large national membership can attract National Sponsors for a variety of initiatives all ultimately aimed to support the local membership and enhance to football experience of all Canadians who participate in the sport.

RESOURCES: Football Canada is committed to provide specific expertise in a wide range of sport science fields, and relate that expertise specifically to football in order to maintain a high quality and profile of research in all aspects of the game. For a list of our publications and resources, please refer to the Resources in each applicable section.


COMPETITIONS: Football Canada participants have to opportunity to participate in sanctioned national events, such as the Football Canada Cup, Under 16 Regional Challenge, U16 Flag Regional events, U18 Flag National Championships and the Canadian Flag Football League Championship. Participants also have the opportunity to represent Canada in international competition at IFAF sanctioned tournaments. Football Canada’s national teams compete in the IFAF Junior World Championships, IFAF Women’s World Championship and IFAF Flag Football Senior World Championships.

Visit the National Team and Championship sections for more information.

DEVELOPMENT: Football Canada influences the development and direction of football in Canada. We offer members the opportunity to develop their potential on the National Stage whether as an athlete, a coach, an official, administrator, or support/medical equipment staff.

NATIONAL COACHING CERTIFICATION PROGRAM: Canada’s National Coaching Certification Program is designed to meet the needs of practicing coaches, from beginner to experienced. The program is structured on four levels and presents coaches with the Theoretical, Technical and Practical aspects of coaching.

Visit the Coaching section for more information.

FOOTBALL CANADA OFFICIALS’ CERTIFICATION PROGRAM: Football Canada provides a “National” standard for football officiating, which in turn greatly enhances participant safety in the sport regardless of level of play. Visit the Officials section for more information.

DOPING CONTROL: Football Canada and its member associations agree to adopt and follow the new Canadian Anti-Doping Program (2004), as endorsed and provided by Sport Canada and the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES). Members have access to Football Canada Anti-Doping Program resources and management.

NATIONAL COMMITTEES:  Football Canada has various working committees that are responsible for carrying out the work in three major program development areas (player development, coaching development, and officiating & rules development) with regard to both tackle and touch football. Members have the opportunity to place talented and deserving individual on these committees with a view to contributing to the development of Football in Canada.


These committees are:

  • Coaches’ Working Committee (CWC)

  • Tackle Rules’ Committee (TRC)

  • Tackle Working Committee (TWC)

  • Officials’ Technical Committee (OTC)

  • Touch Working Committee (twc)

  • Touch Rules/Officials’ Committee (torc)

  • Equipment Fitting and Maintenance Committee

  • Flag Football Working Committee


HUMAN KINETICS: Members can purchase resources through us from Human Kinetics Publishing. The benefit provides on-line access to Human Kinetics, which provides some financial resources to the Provincial Associations if members make purchases through the program.

Visit Keyword search: Football. For a list of available football related books. To take advantage of the partnership, contact Football Canada at to place your order.

SIRCUIT:  Football Canada, in partnership with the Sport Information Resource Centre (SIRC), provides an electronic news and information service to members of Football Canada. Additionally, we will be providing football specific and football related bibliographic references through SIRC which is the world’s leading bibliographic database producer of sport, fitness, and sport medicine information. Should any of the titles be of interest to you, the full-text documents will be available at a discount rate for Football Canada members.

FOOTBALL CANADA CODE OF ETHICS: The Football Canada Code of Ethics has been developed to protect and promote the best interests of the game. Its primary purpose is to clarify and distinguish ethical and approved professional practices from those that are detrimental, and to promote the principles of fair play in football. Its secondary purpose is to emphasize the purpose and value of football, and to stress proper function of all those involved in relation to schools, public, players, and the public. The ultimate success of the principles and standards of this Code depends upon the football coaches, administrators, and players of the game.


Visit the Policies section for more information.


Football Canada Cup

The objective of Football Canada Cup is to promote the game of football to Canada’s youth; encourage individuals to participate in football at a high level of competition and to instill a lifelong commitment to fitness, fair-play, and fun through recreational and organized games of football.


U16 Western Challenge

U16 Eastern Challenge


International Bowl 

Team Canada 

As a member of the International Federation of America Football (IFAF), Canada,  competes in IFAF World Championships in addition to the International Bowl Series.

To be eligible to participate in Football Canada’s National Teams program, players and coaches must be members of their provincial football association.  

Full List of Football Canada Championships

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