The BCPFA is part of a national insurance program with Football Canada and several other provincial football associations across Canada. The policy provides liability and accident insurance coverage as outlined in the following documents:

Directors and Officers
Process for requesting Certificate of Insurance

Step 1

Club or league completes, signs and dates the Certificate of Insurance (COI) Request Form

Application form for BCCFA

Application form for BCFC

Sample Form

Step 5

BCPFA submits the form to the insurance broker for issuance of COI

Step 2

Club or League Emails a COI to:


and CC

Keith Ryan (BCPFA)

Leesa Warner (BCCFA)


Tyler Mclaren (BCFC)

Step 6

Insurance broker send COI to BCPFA (COI possibly send directly to applicant while cc’ing BCCFA or BCFC and BCPFA)

Step 3

Representative from BCCFA/BCFC signs and dates form confirming that the club or league is in good standing.

A club or league is in good standing when:

  • They have completed the bylaw transition to the new societies act (required by Nov 28th, 2018)

  • Their society status is “in good standing” with the Government of BC

  • They have paid all fees owning to:

    o Leagues
    o BCPFA (including Football Canada fees)

  • They have not been suspended/expelled by the BCCFA/BCFC, BCPFA or Football Canada

Step 7

BCPFA distributes COI to applicant (club or league) and BCCFA or BCFC representative

Step 4

BCCFA/BCFC submits the signed form to BCPFA (and CC’s club or league requesting COI) within 3 days of receipt from the club/league

**The BCCFA/BCFC has a period of 3 calendar days to approve the COI request OR alternatively advise the BCPFA and club/league that the applicant is not in good standing. The BCPFA may submit the COI request to the insurance broker without a BCCFA/BCFC signature in the event that the BCCFA/BCFC do not provide a response within the 3-day time frame.

Process for requesting a Certificate of Insurance (COI)