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The BCPFA is part of a national insurance program with Football Canada and several other provincial football associations across Canada. The policy provides liability and accident insurance coverage as outlined in the following documents:

Process for Claiming Accident

Please review prior to commencing your request for a claim


Step 1:   Print out Accident Claim Form


Step 2:  Athlete/Parent/Club representative fills out page 1


Step 3:  Physician fills out page 2 Physician's Statement and signs


Step 4:  Send back to and


Step 5:  Submit additional details (rosters, incident reports etc.)

IMPORTANT: The claim form must be validated by BCPFA. Once the claim form is complete and original itemized invoices attached, BCPFA will submit to BFL Canada within 30 days following the accident.

Directors and Officers
Process for requesting Certificate of Insurance

Please review all the slides in this guide prior to commencing your request for a certificate of insurance


Step 1:   Go to


Step 2:  Click on the link: Submit a Certificate of Insurance Request


Step 3:   Enter the requested contact information and your ”additional   insured” in the “CERTIFY TO” field (i.e. the facility operator,   school board, city, town etc.)


Step 4:  Click Next


Step 5:  Add your additional details:


Add an Event

Add a Location 

Add Additional Insured


Step 6:  Click “Save Changes and Submit”

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