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The BCPFA is part of a national insurance program with Football Canada and several other provincial football associations across Canada. The policy provides liability and accident insurance coverage as outlined in the following documents:

Directors and Officers
Process for requesting Certificate of Insurance

Step 1

Club or league completes, signs and dates the Certificate of Insurance (COI) Request Form

2023 Certificate of Insurance Request Form (pdf)

2023 Certificate of Insurance Request Form (docx)

Sample Form

Step 4

BCPFA submits the form to the insurance broker for issuance of COI

Step 2

Club or League Emails a COI to:


and CC

Keith Ryan (BCPFA)

Step 5

Insurance broker send COI to BCPFA (COI possibly send directly to applicant while cc’ing BCPFA)

Step 3

BCPFA will verify that Club or league is in good standing.

A club or league is in good standing when:

  • They have completed the bylaw transition to the new societies act (required by Nov 28th, 2018)

  • Their society status is “in good standing” with the Government of BC

  • They have paid all fees owning to:
    o Leagues
    o BCPFA (including Football Canada fees)

  • They have not been suspended/expelled by the BCFC, BCPFA or Football Canada

Step 6

BCPFA distributes COI to applicant (club or league) and BCFC representative if applicable

Process for requesting a Certificate of Insurance (COI)

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