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Flag Football 

Introduction to Non-Contact Football


Non-Contact football consists of Flag Football and Touch Football. There are multiple versions of Flag Football that are both non-contact and contact. All versions use flags or touch to replace tackling and require less equipment than the traditional tackle format of football. The size of the field varies based on the version of Flag or Touch Football that is being played.

The most common versions of Flag Football that are played are:

1) 5 v 5 Non-Contact Flag - this version is commonly played at the Youth level and International level

2) 7 v 7 Non-Contact Flag or Touch - these versions are played in most adult leagues in BC and use the same rules except when it comes to using flags or touch

3) 7 v 7 Contact Flag - this is becoming increasingly popular in both Canada and the USA

4) 11 v 11 Contact Flag - this is a version played in Ontario by OWIFA

See our Football 101 Sheets to find out more about 5v5 and 7v7 Non-Contact Football

Official Rulebook from Football Canada


Youth & Adults

Youth leagues are generally run through the BC Community Football Association through their various clubs across the province. They play the 5v5 non-contact flag football format and practice within their club and play against other teams in their league. There are also tournaments and Provincial Championships (held in the Spring).

Adult leagues are typically not run through Provincial Football Associations but through separate organizations throughout the province. Most play a version of 7v7 that is either Flag or Touch. There are other leagues that use their own set of rules.

At the National Level under Football Canada, National Championships for Flag Football are 5v5.

Provincial Championships

BC Community Football Association

Each May, the BC Community Football Association hosts a Provincial Championship for the youth levels for 5v5 Flag Football. Age groups at Provincials are as follows:

- U10

- U12

- U14

- U16

- U18

- U19

BCPFA is looking into hosting Provincial Championships at the Adult level in 5v5 and/or 7v7 non-contact versions of flag football. The winners of Provincials would then be chosen to represent BC at the Canadian Flag Football League (CFFL) National Championships.



BCPFA will be launching a provincial program for Flag Football to select athletes to represent Team BC at Regional and National Championships hosted by Football Canada.

Currently there are:

- U16 Western Regional Championships

- U18 National Championships

- U20 National Championships

- Canadian Flag Football League (CFFL) National Championships for adults

Athletes that are over 18 years of age that participate at the CFFL National Championships are in contention to be selected to represent Canada at International events such as the World Championships, International Bowl, World Games, etc.

Football 101

Click on the images to learn more about 5v5 and 7v7 Non-Contact Flag Football

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