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Novice Coach Training

This course will introduce you to the fundamentals of football with a recreational focus. Taking this workshop will give you skills and confidence in the following key areas:


  • Practice Planning

  • How to Make Ethical Decisions (MED)

  • Safety Measure & Equipment 

  • Understanding Football

    • Tackle Football

    • Flag Football

    • Touch Football

  • Responsible Coaching

  • Long Term Athlete Development

  • Football Positions:

    • Offence​

    • Defence

    • Position (Quarterback, Line Backer, Wider Receiver, etc)

    • Kicking 

  • Defensive lIne/Offensive Line​

  • Running the Ball

  • Passing the Ball

  • Kicking/Punting the Ball

  • Penalties in Flag

There are several components to Novice Coach Training:

  1. Complete one of the on-line Course through (1- 2 hours):

    1. Tackle​ $14.99

    2. Flag $14.99 ​​

    3. Combined (Flag and Tackle) $19.99

  2. Complete Making Headway for Football (Free Online Course)

  3. Complete Safe Sport (Free Online Course) 

  4. Attend an in-person Novice Clinic (in a gym or on a field) - 4 hours delivered by the BCPFA

  5. Complete the Making Ethical Decisions Evaluation (through

  6. Complete Safe Contact Training (Required for Tackle Coaches Only)


Who Should Take the Course?

The skills you will learn are ideal for voluntary coaches who have children who participate in football, or who wish to assist participants of all ages who are new to the sport.

After completing this online module, you will have to complete a Community Novice Coach Training with the BCPFA  to become fully trained.


Create an Account in

Step 2:

Complete the 2 FREE-OF-Charge online courses:

  • Making Headway for Football

  • Safe Sport (Free Online Course) 

Step 3:

Pay the fee to Complete the Online Community Sport Online Training


Step 4:

Complete your selected Online Community Sport Online Training:

  • Combined

  • Flag

  • Tackle

Step 5:

Register and  complete an in-person Novice clinic (organized by the BCPFA)

Step 6:

Complete the Online MED Evaluation


Step 7:

Register and  complete an in-person Safe Contact Clinic (organized by the BCPFA)

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