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Football Competition  - Position Coach


Coaches will be taught basic and intermediate skills required to coach offensive, defensive or special teams position skills by an expert coach. The expert coach will also provide drill progressions, and will demonstrate how to incorporate these tools into practice plans.


Upon completing this module, coaches will be able to do the following:


  • Plan a Practice

  • Analyze Performance

  • Provide support to athletes in training

  • Make Ethical Decisions (MED)

  • Position-specific technical material


This workshop is usually taught over the course of three days (both in-class and in gym/on field), with the following breakdown:


  • Friday: approx 4 Hours

  • Saturday: approx 8 Hours

  • Sunday: approx 6 Hours


Upon completing this module, coaches will be able to do the following:


  • Defensive Backs Module

  • Defensive Line Module

  • Linebackers Module

  • Offensive Line Module

  • Quarterbacks Module

  • Receivers Module

  • Running Backs Module

  • Special Teams Position Skills Module



This workshop is ideal for Train to Train and Learn to Compete coaches working with athletes between 13 and 18 who are at the junior and senior high school levels, as well as summer or club levels.




Anyone who coaches contact football at any level must also attend the following:


  • NCCP Safe Contact workshop

Contact the Technical Director for details on when this course will be offered ( .

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