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157 Athletes receive High Performance status for Football

During the Summer of 2022, BCPFA had 157 athletes represent Team BC at Regional and National events. BCPFA was also excited to have two athletes (Kristie Elliott and Nicole Drouin) from BC represent Team Canada at the World Championships in Finland. For their hard work and to continue to help with their training, BCPFA has nominated all these athletes to register with the Canadian Sport Institute Pacific and their high performance programming.

2022 U18 Selects for Team BC

The following is a breakdown of the number of athletes nominated and the team performance


# of athletes



Senior Women's National Team (Tackle)

2 (female)

World Championships


Senior Women's Team BC (Flag)

8 athletes (female)

CFFL National Championships


U18 Team BC (Tackle)

39 athletes (male)

Football Canada Cup


U18 Team BC (Flag)

10 athletes (male)

U18 Flag Football National Championships


U18 Selects (Tackle)

43 athletes (male)

Western Showcase


U16 Team BC (Tackle)

40 athletes (male)

U16 Western Challenge


U16 Team BC (Flag)

17 athletes across 2 teams (male)

U16 Flag Football Regional Challenge

4th and 5th

BCPFA hopes to have even more athletes represent Team BC (especially on the women and girls side) in the Summer of 2023 and hopes that all of the athletes nominated register with their local Training Centre in preparation for the upcoming year!

Read below for more information about the Canadian Sport Institute Pacific (CSI-P) athlete registration program or go to their website.

What is this CSI Pacific athlete registration program?

4 flag football athletes in orange line up at the line of scrimmage
Team BC in action at U16 Flag Regionals. Photo credit: Mike Still

Canadian Sport Institute Pacific, through a partnership with the Province of British Columbia (BC), viaSport, the network of Pacific Sport centres, and British Columbia Provincial Football Association, collaborates to deliver programs and services to place BC athletes onto National Teams, and ensure athletes and coaches have every advantage to win medals for Canada. The partners work jointly to encourage sport excellence and increase podium performances in communities throughout BC.

This template provides a standardized process to identify athletes and coaches within the British Columbia Provincial Football Association high performance program as well as athletes who are tracking against key development pathway metrics toward national teams. The levels within the targeting seek to create a common standard across all sports; hence, the template must be used in its entirety. PSO/DSOs are able to adapt the template to suit their own purposes (e.g. branding, application process, etc.) provided all relevant information is contained within.

How do athletes get selected?

Kristie Elliott punts the ball away while representing Team Canada

BCPFA has created a set of criteria for selection to the Athlete Nomination List.

There is no application process. Athletes are selected by BCPFA, and a list is submitted to an Athlete Coach Services Technical Expert at Canadian Sport Institute Pacific. Nomination criteria can be found on the bottom of this page

What benefits do athletes get?

Athletes that register with CSI-P have access to benefits of:

  • Community Partners - partners that help with the advancement of high performance athletes

  • Gymworks - access to free gym memberships!

  • Foodstuff - discounts at select locations

  • Grants and Bursaries

  • Medical Resources

Full list of benefits can be found at

I believe I should be nominated but I wasn't notified

If you represented Team BC during the Summer of 2022 but didn't receive notification to register, please reach out to

Download PDF • 301KB

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