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2023 Call for Rule Change Proposals

Football Canada has put a call out for any proposed rule changes for the 2023 Tackle Football Rulebook.

In order to submit a rule change, send the following to by December 8th, 2022:

1. Show the Rule, Section and Article for which the change is proposed.

  • Example: 3-2-5, Page 20

  • Please ensure your response starts with the numeral corresponding to the rule number (ie. "3", not "Rule 3")

2. Present the rule statement as it is in the present rule.

  • In the case of a new rule being proposed, put "N/A".

3. Present the rule statement as it is proposed.

4. Give the rationale (reason) for making the change, in terms of problems to overcome, objectives to be achieved, or results expected from the change.

5. Your name and association you are affiliated with

All proposals will be reviewed as long as they are submitted by December 8th.

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