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The Annual General Meeting for the British Columbia Provincial Football Association will be held as follows:

Event: 2020 Annual General Meeting, BCPFA

Location: Justice Institute of BC, 715 McBride Blvd, New Westminster, BC V3L 5T4 Date: Sunday March 15th 2020

BCPFA Bylaws


i. the adoption of rules of order;

ii. the consideration of the financial statements;

iii. the report of the directors;

iv. the report of the auditor, if any;

v. the election of directors;

vi. the appointment of the auditor, if required; and

vii. the other business that, under these Bylaws, ought to be conducted at an Annual General Meeting, or business that is brought under consideration by the report of the directors issued with the notice convening such Annual General Meeting.

Voting: Only Regular Members of the BCPFA are entitled to a vote at the AGM:

Regular Members Include:

  • British Columbia Community Football Association

  • British Columbia Football Conference

  • British Columbia Football Officials Association

  • UBC Thunderbirds

Attendance: members of the general football community are welcome to attend but must register in advance by emailing

For any additional enquires, please contact: Keith Ryan, Executive Director

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