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An important notice to all members of the football community.

Dear Football Community;

Over the past 6 months, a great many club and league volunteers have dedicated countless hours to help ensure a safe football environment for all our participants. More specifically, the President and board members of our affiliated clubs have spent many hours developing safety protocols that will help keep all our participants safe and well. The BCPFA wishes to extend our sincere appreciation to all the volunteers who help make football possible.

Regrettably, the BCPFA has already received a complaint that individual members of the football community are not willing to follow some of the important COVID19 safety protocols adopted by their respective clubs. This poor and disruptive conduct works against the best interest of our sport and has the potential to increase the risk of COVID19 transmission within the football community. In addition, disregarding safety protocols presents a risk to the field and facility permits held by our clubs.

The BCPFA will continue to stay connected with our clubs and support them in their efforts to provide a safe football environment. With this in mind, we would like to remind all coaches and participants that they are required to follow the safety protocols adopted by your club and all public health orders.


Keith Ryan

Executive Director

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