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Event Sanction - Private Camps

The BCPFA Board of Directors has a approved a policy that allows for the BCPFA to sanction football camps.

Sanctioning – A Sanctioning Policy for Private Camps and Events for organizations that are not either full members or associate members.

A “sanctioned” event would be allowed to use our logo and we would place the event on our webpage and include it in our email, Facebook and Twitter feeds. Each sanctioning would only be good for the event applied for.

(Please note: Sanctioning of an event does not necessarily result in endorsement. The sanctioned event has met the criteria noted below.)

To Be Sanctioned (Contact & Non-Contact)

To be sanctioned by the BCPFA an organization must:

• Provide a list of all instructors/coaches/trainers/equipment managers etc. that will be exposed to the athletes and ensure they have the same requirements that they would have to have to coach a tackle/contact team in BC, including a current Criminal Record Check.

• Coaches/Instructors – Safe Contact, Making Ethical Decisions, Making Headway in Football (all determined by providing BCPFA with these individuals NCCP numbers.) NOTE: Current BCCFA, CJFL, USport and CFL players under the supervision of coaches with the above certification are allowed.

• Proof of insurance for all participants – including the adults in any capacity – naming the BCPFA as co-insured and to PSO standards (minimum $5M General Liability).

• Provide a description of the activity. Any camp or event with promises of scouting and recruiting to post-secondary institutions for a fee will NOT be eligible for sanctioning. Any camp or activity that claims to be a BC representative team or group will NOT be eligible for sanctioning. Any camp or activity that promotes an all-star elite competition below the age of 15 will NOT be eligible for sanctioning (as per LTAD direction).


• The BCPFA fee for sanctioning an event is $75.

• Payment is due upon application and is non-refundable.

If your private event or camp is interested in obtaining BCPFA sanctioning please contact

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