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Safe Contact Week

The BCPFA would like to remind all clubs and coaches of the need to conduct a Safe Conduct Week at the START of all tackle programs.

Football Canada does allow for Safe Contact Week to be completed in the first 14 days of a team’s season in exceptional circumstances ( e.g. weather, scheduling or field availability). The current pandemic does qualify as exceptional circumstances.

(IMPORTANT: Safe Contact training for teams must comprise at least three cumulative hours of Safe Contact on-field training).

Safe Contact Week Since 2017, teams and clubs have been required to begin their respective seasons with three hours of helmet-only Safe Contact training. An integral part of Football Canada’s National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP), Safe Contact teaches safe tackling techniques that emphasizes a blocking technique that emphasizes the use of hands and making contact with the chest and front shoulder and not the head.

Safe Contact Week is to begin at the start of all team’s training camps to practice Safe Contact fundamentals.

What Safe Contact Week means for teams: 

  • Teams must complete at least three hours of helmet ONLY training, practicing Safe Contact techniques like blocking and tackling

  • Safe Contact Week is to begin at the start of teams’ respective training camps

  • All players, regardless of position are expected to participate

  • The suggested format is three one-hour practices

Safe Contact Training for Coaches All member coaches must be Safe Contact trained in the latest safe blocking and tackling techniques. This requirement applies to any coach of an amateur team or club that falls under Football Canada’s umbrella.

Become Safe Contact trained.

A coach can become Safe Contact trained by following three easy steps:

  1. Take the online course “Making Head Way in Football”, an e-learning module available through’s“the locker”.

  2. Register for a Safe Contact clinic (contact your club and/or BCPFA)

  3. Attend a Safe Contact clinic, which typically spans eight hours taught over one or two days, usually on a weekend.

The BCPFA website has been updated to include an expanded section on Safe Contact:

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