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Team BC Games Announcement

The British Columbia Provincial Football Association is pleased to announce three football matches between Team BC and Team Alberta. The teams will be comprised of athletes in the U16, U17 and U18 age groups:

· Team BC U18 vs Team Alberta U18

· Team BC U17 vs Team Alberta U17 (both rosters may include U18 players)

· Team BC U16 vs Team Alberta U16

Athlete Registration and Final Rosters

Athletes who made the final team selection (see are required to confirm their availability and pay the required fee by November 21st, 2021:

Cost Per Athlete: $250** (covers cost for fields, training camp costs, & game day operations)

**If you had not paid all your fees for previous events, you will be required to pay those as well before being eligible to be part of Team BC


The U17 and U18 rosters will be finalized once we have confirmed the players available to play. We anticipate the final roster for each age group being made public on or before November 28th, 2021.

Match Day & Training Camp Schedule

The games will be preceded by a 3-day training camp for all Team BC athletes (Saturday to Monday). The training camp location will be in either Langley or Surrey. All three matches will be played at McLeod Stadium, Langley

· Saturday 18th, 2021 - Training Camp (Surrey, Location TBC)

· Sunday 19th, 2021 - Training Camp (Surrey, Location TBC)

· Monday 20th, 2021 - Training Camp (Surrey, Location TBC)

· Monday 20th, 2021 - U18 Match @ 7:00pm

· Tuesday 21st, 2021 - U16 Match @ 10:00am

· Tuesday 21st, 2021 - U17 Match @1:30pm

In Person Spectators/Live Streaming

Subject to public health orders restrictions, spectators for the matches will be allowed. An admission fee will be charged. All three matches will be live streamed via You Tube (details to follow).

Canadian Sport Institute Pacific Carding We are still waiting for them to get back to us to confirm our status to get carding (we thought this was done in the summer, but some small changes needed to be made and now we are waiting again) and we will let all eligible athletes know once we have submitted the list to CSI-P.

High School Credit For eligible athletes wishing to secure a Sports Credit Verification letter, please go to and submit purchase of the High School External Credit product ($0). This will provide us with the necessary information with which to provide you a verification letter.

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