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After long deliberation, we are happy to announce the rosters for U16 & U18 Team BC!

All these athletes endured through a season of uncertainty to perform and be selected to represent BC. The athletes participated in Regional Academies across the province and then competed at the inaugural Regional Games. From there, athletes were selected to participate in a training camp and Bowl Games against each other in place of competing against other provinces. This was due to the pandemic and travel restrictions, but if all goes well, those selected will get to compete as Team BC against Team Alberta in December 2021. The U18s will be divided into two teams come December, while the U16s will stay as one team.

All players will receive information in the next week about Canadian Sport Institute Pacific carding and High School credit if it applies to them.

Congratulation to all athletes involved!

U16 Team BC

Kyle Agyagos

Ede Aimiose

Tariq Ali (reserve)

Grady Andrea (reserve)

Russell Arinaza

Joel Armstrong (reserve)

Angelo Avila (reserve)

Ethan Baxter (reserve)

Jack Bowman

Peyton Briere

Hudson Bromley

Carter Dallas

Gavin Christiansen

Yapo Conteh

Kieran Cooper

Ethan Dahl

Declan Damgaard

Kolby Daniels (reserve)

Austin Dunill (reserve)

Jayden Forbes

Liam Gagne (reserve)

Johnny Gagnon

Junior Gibson-Seapan

Lucas Gonzales

Dejan Guzina

Aiden Hewitt

Harlem Johnson

Logan Johnson

Isaac Keepance

Owen Lal

Max Lang

Cole Malo

Carter Martin

Dante Meyer (reserve)

Kareem Mohammad

Brody Munro

Finely Nemeth

Ryder Quintana

Austin Relova

Lucas Shannon

Jovin Shoker

Connor Steves

Xander Tabora

Benji Theil

Christopher Torresan

Eric Town

Dan Veitch

Evan Voderk (reserve)

Dax Williams

Jake Wood

Coaching Staff:

Richard White - Head Coach/LBs/Special Teams

Jay Prepchuk - Assistant Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator/QBs

Craige Briere - Defensive Coordinator/DBs

Jerome Erdman - Offensive & Defensive Consultant/Recievers

Jay Daniels - DL Coach

Cory Doughman - RB Coach

Cam Brown - OL Coach

Jules Kehler - Receivers Coach

Wendy Boulter - Manager


Anthony Amenta

Isaac Antilla

Renzel-Ron Arinaza

Matthew Auld

Keyshawn Beswick

Vincent Branauer

Frank Briere

Kai Brydon

Pedro Cabanas

Kalen Casson

Joshua Caverly

Cameron Cividino

Antonio Conte

Isaiah Cooper

Jonathan Corbett

Monroe Corniffe

Sean Cullen

Aiden Domino

Reggie Elie

Kaiden Exner

Evan Fitchett

Malcolm Fraser

Logan Fuller

Alexander Gagnon

Mathieu Gale

Giancarlo Garcea

Tyson George-Kelly

Denis Glavas

Matteo Godbout

Jacob Groves

Maxx Hanson

Nicolas Harris

Scot Hoffman

Tomoyuki Hursthouse

Aiden Jones

Bruce Jones

Christopher Joseph

Jason Kragt

Sebastian Lambert

McCord Leeson

Strachan Liberman

Gregor Mackenzie

Jayden Martin

Nathan McMahon

Owen Merry

Jesse Mitran

Chase Nadin

Camerson Neal

Quinn Neukomm

AJ Nguyen

Jack Nyrose

Luca Pante

Grayson Peters

Roan Reid

Travis Richley

Logan Rix

Thomas Roberts

Massimo Ryan

Ziad Sabry

Jovyn Sangha

Jaeke Schlachter

Everett Schmuland

Ryan Gavin Shaw

Finnian Shea

Sebastian Sibbald

Owen Sieben

Thomas Sinclair

Adeep Sraw

Iain St. Arnault

Grayson Statham

Axel Statton

Jayden Strzok

Sawyer Tether

Aiden Thomas

Daniel Tshibang

Juan Cash Valle-Desjarlais

Gavin Whittingham

Rocco Williams

Dylan Woodward

5 additional OL will be named later.

Coaching Staff:

Cory Philpot - Head Coach

Janet Cummings - Manager

Remaining coaching staff will be named later.

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