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U16 Team BC Program

There will be two teams formed under the U16 Team BC program:


  • U16 Team BC (Western Challenge)

  • U15 Selects (Team Project TBA)

U16 Team BC program is for players selected to represent British Columbia at Football Canada's Regional Championship (I.e. Western Challenge).

The U15 Selects is for younger players who did not make the final roster for the U16 team but have a high likelihood of being selected to the following years U16 Team.

Selection to the final roster for the U16 Team BC and U15 Selects will happen in three phases.

Part 1: 6-8 Weeks Regional Training (Mid-April to Late May) 

Part 2: Two Centralized Evaluation Camps (Early May and Early June)

Part 3: Team Training (Early-June to Late July)


Part 1

Athletes train in a regional academy program hosted in multiple communities across BC:

  • Kamloops

  • Kelowna

  • Fraser Valley East

  • Fraser Valley West

  • Vancouver

  • Upper Island

  • Lower Island

These athletes will train at locally with other age groups as part of the new BCPFA regional training centre program.

Part 2

Players in the U16 and U15 age groups will invited to attend at least 2 centralized camps for evaluation. The selection of both final rosters will take place at the conclusion of the final evaluation camp (early June). 

Part 3

Players selected to the final roster will train as a team from early June until the completion of the major project. this will provide at least 5 weeks of preparation for the major competition (e.g. Western Challenge).

Cost: TBA

Coaching Staff: TBA

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