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Grade 11/12

High Performance

Fall 2021

Program Goal

To support the development of athletes pursuing a post secondary football at the college/university/junior level.

About the Program

Commencing in the fall 2021, the British Columbia Provincial Football Association will operate a grade 11/12 High Performance Program. This program will be comprised of the top 240 Grade 11/12 students selected from all regions of British Columbia. Acceptance to the program is based on coach evaluations at BCPFA Camps/Combines, athlete coach-ability, and athlete performance in high-performance game environments. All the players invited to participate in this program will be targeting post secondary football at either:

  1. NCAA College

  2. USport University

  3. Junior Football

Teams will be formed from the following regions:

  • Vancouver Coast

  • Vancouver South

  • Fraser Valley

  • Vancouver Island - North

  • Vancouver Island - South

  • Okanagan/North

****Please note: participation in this high performance program will preclude the athletes from participating in traditional league play at either the community or high school level. The BCPFA acknowledges that some athletes may elect to play club or high school*****

Training Environment​​

The program will be delivered to the highest possible standards and will operate from late August to early December. It will include:

  • Weekly Training

  • Inter-region games

  • High Performance Camps (position specific & general)

  • Strength & Conditioning Program

  • Athlete Monitoring (Online)

  • Mental Prep/Sports Psychology

  • University Transition/Scholarship Guidance/Support




The progress of each athlete will be tracked using an online platform. The coaches and athletes will both enter Key Performance Indicators:

• Testing Results

• Attendance

• Strength and Conditioning

• Wellness (Sleep, Nutrition, Injury Prevention/Recovery, Mental Health)

• Skill Development/Acquisition




As a part of the program, athletes will participate in periodic presentations and workshops to support their athletic performance.


The purpose of mental preparation is to create a mindset that helps the athlete perform to their full capabilities and talents in competition


University Transition Program

This program will be providing athletes and their families with assistance as they navigate through the often-challenging process of securing the best post-secondary options for the athlete.


This program will be delivered through a partnership with Game Changer Sports.

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