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Novice Coach Training

BCPFA Launch Online Learning Platform

The BCPFA is pleased to announce the launch of an online platform designed to help clubs ensure all their coaches have completed the required Novice Coach training for 2021. The new BCPFA online learning component replaces the 4 to 8 hour in-person classroom session. The decision to deliver this part of the course online was necessitated in large part by the current pandemic and the ongoing travel and gathering restrictions. However, the online delivery model is also consistent with other required components of the course (e.g., Making Head Way, Making Ethical Decisions, etc.). The new platform will be launched within the next two weeks. Please note: coaches will still be required to participate in a practical component delivered by a BCPFA Learning Facilitator (subject to the relaxation of the current Public Health Orders).


Background - Novice Coach Training

In 2018, Football Canada approved a coach certification requirement aimed at improving the standard of coaching for athletes under the age of 14 ( More specifically, a mandate was approved requiring any person coaching players under the age of 14 to complete Novice Coach Training.


About the Program

Prior to the pandemic, the Novice Coach Training requires the coach to complete the following:


  • Take an online course about concussion (Making Head Way in Football)

  • Complete Making Ethical Decision training (online or in-person)

  • Complete the Football Canada Online Component

  • Attend an in person coaching workshop including:

    • Classroom Session

    • On-field Practical Session


Graduated Introduction

The Novice Coach Program has been gradually introduced over the past 3 years, and required the following percentage of coaches from each team to complete the Novice Coach program:


2019: All Head Coaches & 50% of team personnel

2020: All Head Coaches & 75% of team personnel

2021: All Coaches**


**any new coaches (other than the team’s head coach) who have never previously coached club football in Canada can request (through the BCPFA) a one-year grace period to complete the training.


How to Complete Novice Coach Training in 2021

To complete the Novice Coach Program a coach will now need complete the following:



***Please note: completion of a Safe Contact Course is mandatory for all tackle coaches****


Practical On-Field Component

The BCPFA wishes to ensure the practical session is highly effective for the coach participants. To this end, the BCPFA is currently reviewing the curriculum of the on-field portion of the Novice Training Program. Once complete, we anticipate the on-field component will be aligned with the content on the FC Mobile App which will be provided free of charge to all affiliated coaches in 2021 (see previous FC Mobile App announcement).


Next Steps

The BCPFA will provide all the clubs with an updated process in the coming weeks. In addition, the BCPFA will host an information session about the delivery of Novice Coach Training in 2021.

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