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Competition Development

In the Competition Development context, adolescents and young adults are coached to refine basic sport skills, to develop more advanced skills and tactics and are generally prepared for performance at provincial and national level competitions.

The Football Canada Competition Development certification process has 4 areas to cover in order to complete the certification:

MultiSport Competition Development Coaching Modules

  1. Leading a Drug Free Sport

  2. Managing Conflict

  3. Developing Athletic Abilities

  4. Prevention and Recovery

  5. Psychology and Performance

  6. Coaching and Leading Effectively

Football Specific Modules

  1. Managing a Program Workshop

  2. Technical/Tactical Workshop

  3. Safe Contact

Multi-sport Evaluations

  1. Making Ethical Decisions Evaluations

  2. Managing Conflict Evaluations

  3. Leading Drug Free Sport Evaluations

Football Specific Evaluation

  1. Practice Evaluation

  2. Competition Evaluations

  3. Portfolio Evaluation

  4. Managing a Program Presentation

In Training Status Required Modules

  1. Advanced DB Skills

  2. Advanced Defensive Systems

  3. Advanced DL Skills

  4. Advanced LB Skills

  5. Advanced Offensive Systems

  6. Advanced OL Skills

  7. Advanced Practice Planning for Football

  8. Advanced QB Skills

  9. Advanced RB Skills

  10. Advanced Special Teams Systems

  11. Advanced Specialist Skills

  12. Advanced WR Skills

  13. Analyze Performance for Football

  14. Design a Football Program

  15. Football Mentorship Training

  16. Manage A Football Program

  17. Player Evaluator Training

Trained Status Modules

  1. Make Ethical Decisions

  2. Managing Conflict

  3. Coaching and Leading Effectively

  4. Developing Athletic Abilities

  5. Prevention and Recovery

  6. Psychology of Performance

  7. Football Safe Contact

  8. Making Head Way in Football

  9. Football Mentorship Training

  10. Manage A Football Program

  11. Design a Football Progra

  12. Player Evaluator Training

  13. Leading Drug-free Sport Online - Training

Option 1

Advanced Defensive Systems

Advanced DB Skills

Option 2

Advanced Defensive Systems

Advanced DL Skills

Option 3

Advanced Defensive Systems

Advanced LB Skills

Option 4

Advanced Offensive Skills

Advanced OL Skills


Option 5

Advanced QB Skills

Advanced Offensive Skills

Option 6

Advanced RB Skills

Advanced Offensive Skills

Option 7

Advanced WR Skills

Advanced Offensive Skills

Option 8

Advanced Specialist Skills

Advanced Steal Team Skills


Competition Development Management Workshop

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