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Introduction to Competion - Head Coach

The Head Coach workshop teaches coaches what it takes to be a successful head coach and how to develop & manage a program. 

Upon completing this module, coaches will be credited with understanding:

  1. Role of a Head Coach

  2. Head Coach as an Evaluator

  3. Developing a Program

  4. Managing a Program

This workshop is taught over the course of three days (both in-class and in gym/on field), with the following breakdown:

  • Friday: approx 4 Hours

  • Saturday: approx 8 Hours

  • Sunday: approx 6 Hours

On the Sunday, coaches will present for 10-20 minutes on a topic selected prior to the training.


This workshop is ideal for Train to Train and Learn to Compete coaches working with athletes between 13 and 18 who are at the junior and senior high school levels, as well as summer or club levels.


Anyone who coaches contact football at any level must also attend the following:

  • NCCP Safe Contact workshop

  • NCCP Intro to Comp Positional

  • NCCP Intro to Comp Coordinator

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