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BCPFA and PurpleShift have teamed up to take evaluation and talent scouting to a whole new level. PurpleShift is a comprehensive athlete development app, enabling athletes to compare and display their skills on a local, national, and global scale.

All athletes who will participate in Team BC ID Camps will register and upload their athletic profile into the Purpleshift app. This step will become a key first piece in the pathway to talent evaluation.


Access PurpleShift by visiting or downloading the App.

How to Get Verified

What will the data be used for?

  • Data will be used by provincial coaches when assessing players for Team BC

  • Athletes have access to their data and can see how they compare locally, and nationally

  • The data is great for being able to show the progression of an athlete when being recruited by colleges/universities

Flied Lines.jpeg
40 Yard Dash
Shuttle Test
Broad Jump
Bench Press
Vertical Jump
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