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Provincial Team Programs

The BCPFA identifies several teams each year to represent British Columbia in various competitions and championships. This is sometime referred to as Team BC or the Provincial team Program.


  • U19 East/West Bowl (FOOTBALL CANADA)

    • 18 years of age on December 31st of the current year

  • U18 Canada Cup (2007/2008)

  • U17 Selects (2008)

  • U16 Western Regional (2009/2010)

  • U14 Team BC Snoop Bowl 

    • Under 14 as of July 31 of the current year

  • U12 Team BC Snoop Bowl

    • Under 12 as of July 31 of the current year

  • U10 Team BC Snoop Bowl

    • Under 10 as of July 31 of the current year


  • U18 Flag (2007/2008)

  • U16 Flag (2009/2010)

  • Senior Flag

    • 18 years of age as of December 31st of PREVIOUS year.​


Besides playing for your Province there are multiple benefits of making Team BC:

  1. Canadian Sport Institute Pacific (CSI-P) Carding

    • Athletes selected to Team BC will be eligible to ​register with CSI-P as a Provincial Development Level 1 Athlete and receive many of the perks associated with being carded

    • Eligible athletes will receive a letter informing them of the process​

    • More information can be found here and on the CSI-P website

  2. External Credits

    • Athletes that make the U18 Team BC team for the Canada Cup are eligible to receive External Credits for 'Athlete 12' in their high schools.

    • Athletes can request to receive a letter from BCPFA that they can give to their school counselor to receive credit.

    • More information can be found here


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