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Safe Contact Training

This workshop is mandatory for coaching all ages of athletes who participate in tackle football. The goal of this module is to provide coaches with the tools required to create a safer environment for their athletes, while improving overall skill level.

Techniques and drills to teach safe contact will be highlighted, in addition to learning how to analyze and correct athletic performance


Upon completing this module coaches will be able to:


  • Address Fear of Contact

  • Teach Safe Tackling

  • Teach Safe Blocking

  • Teach Safe Contact for Ball Carriers

  • Analyze Performance

This training is delivered in-person through clinics organized by the BCPFA.

All coaches are required to have their Safe Contact certification and mandated to complete the Safe Contact 2.0 Refresher Course every 5 years after initial certification.

Safe Contact Re-certification

Football Canada in conjunction with the Canadian Football League (CFL), has launched the ‘Safe Contact 2.0’ refresher course.

Safe-Contact 2.0 is a less expensive and accessible option for coaches who have already received their Safe Contact certification and are in need of recertification after their 5 year period is up.

The goal of this initiative is to make coaching recertification more easily accessible and less financially burdensome on coaches across the country. This course will streamline the process for all current and future coaches needing re-certification.

Safe Contact 2.0 is available now via The Locker.  

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