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High Performance Pathway

Commencing 2020, the British Columbia Provincial Football Association launched a new regional academy program in BC. 

What is High Performance Pathway/High Performance Athlete

In football, a high performance athlete refers to an athlete who has progressed their development to the higher percentile within their cohort. In more simple terms, the athlete continues to perform at a higher level than other athletes in their age/LTAD stage and is likely targeting participation of a provincial team, national tea,, college/university team or in some case on a team in the CFL/NFL. The BCPFA's Regional Academy/Team BC program often plays a pivotal role in the development of youth age high performance athletes (age 14 to 18).

Initial Stakeholder Consultation 
In 2019 the BCPFA conducted preliminary dialogue with key football stakeholders on the potential structure of a new academy program.These discussions led to development of a framework that outlines the type and format of programs offered by regional academies.  



The primary objective of the new academy program is to complete the high-performance pathway for 3 down football and encourage greater participation in club football in the post elementary school years. As such, the academy program will focus mainly on athletes in grades 9 to 12.

Team BC/Representative Team
Importantly, only players participating in a regional academy and league will be eligible for selection to teams representing the BCPFA (e.g. Team BC at the Canada Games).

Regional Academy 

The regional academies will form teams that participate in a regional events that focusses on skill development of players. The regional games will take place in March/April f and be structured in a manner that ensures compliance with the regulations that govern football in BC.

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